As the holiday season has drawn to a close it is time to keep one of my New Year’s resolutions.

No nothing to do with drinking, partying or keeping fit, but one that should be very easy to keep. To surf more!

We all need help keeping our New Year’s resolutions and to help me I have ‘converted’ my station waggon into a camper. I folded the back seats down and stuck in a foam mattress, put up some bungie cords as a board rack, got me a cooler-box, stuck in my guitar and headed out of Sydney. Destination … northbound, up the coast in search of some waves.

As well as surfing most of the famous waves up the east coast of NSW and Queensland, I plan on finding some remote waves and surf some different spots that are off of the main surf trail.

I want to explore national parks and drive for miles to find those hidden gems I have heard so much talk about.

I’m going solo for a solid part of this quest, so if you know of any good spots, fancy hooking up for a surf or know of any good bands that might be playing anywhere along this east coast drag of Australia, please drop me a line at

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