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2015/2016 WSL Big Wave Tour Qualifiers

The Nelscott Reef Trials is the single qualifying event for the World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour (BWT).

Nelscott Reef is a world class big wave spot and the organisers are waiting for at least 30 foot faces before competition commences. Sat in the cold waters of the North Pacific near Lincon City, Oregano, Nelscott Reef has only been hosting big wave contests since 2010, although it has quickly established it’s self and now it’s arguably one of the most important events on the big wave calendar.

This qualifying event comprises of 24 hard core athletes, who will fight it out for only four spots on the BWT. The 24 are made up from 15 surfers currently on the BWT, but are in the positing of needing to requalify. There are two local wildcards, one BWT wildcard and six surfers from the Provelt Video Trials.

The video trials are open to everyone, so all you have to do is submit your five biggest and filthiest looking waves, and these are considered by a panel of judges. Get in the top six of the video trials and the top four of the Nelscott Reef Trials and you are on the Big Wave World Tour.

The BWT is crazy to watch with total balls to the wall style surfing. This is not the place to see huge airs and blistering vertical wacks, but it is the place to see lunatic chargers paddling into waves that would make lesser men run home for a cup of cocoa.

Next season the BWT is going to be split into two halves – the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, following to swell patterns. It’s usually good value watching theses events online as you get to see some really gutsy surfing and some terrific wipeouts.

For more information see WorldSurfLeague.com

Image: surfertoday.com
Image: surfertoday.com
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