The great ocean road spans a stretch of the south western coastline of Victoria. Most people traveling the great ocean road begin in Torquay and follow the road in a westerly direction. There are so many spots along this road that you could easily spend a couple of months exploring it. World famous and world class the quality of waves you will find will blow your mind.

Bells Beach

Bells Beach
Bells Beach

Bells is one of the most famous waves in the world. The sight of the longest running surf contest in the world the Bells Beach Classic is established as one of the most significant events on the WSL Championship Tour. A long right hand point break that works from 2 – 15 ft depending on the tide. The wave has a few different sections that vary due to the tide. It is safe to say that if you happen to turn up when this place is firing you will have a great surf. The crowds can get very busy especially if the swell is a bit bigger.

Point Roadknight

Point Roadknight -
Point Roadknight –

Just down the road from Bells this point break is situated in Anglesea. Point Roadnight is a great wave for beginners and longboarders. Breaking on a sandy bottom this right hander is very long and very mellow and on the right day can be so much fun. It needs a bit of a bigger swell and a westerly wind to get going and so can be the call if there is a storm brewing.

Cathedral Rock


A long shapely right hander with some tasty barrel sections. Similar to Winkipop at Torquay and it certainly is a good wave, no doubts. Watch out for rock boils at low tide, not a wave for novices. Very limited parking right on the Great Ocean Road side. It can be all time and it well worth checking out as there are great views from the road.

Lorne Point

Lorne point

A point break with a couple of take-off zones with smaller swells that often link up in the biggest swells, and it can handle some size. A fast and powerful wave, some great sections for both carves and barrels. A wave for experienced surfers. The local scene is very protective of this wave but if you show some respect you should get your fair share of waves.

Apollo Bay


A long beach that wraps around a really nice tourist town. The beach breaks here are varied a due to the shape of the bay you can usually find something worth surfing. It can get really good. There are a few reef spots around the outskirts of the town that are worth checking out.

Gibson Beach


This beach just to the east of the famed “Apostles” rock formation and offers good chunky and punchy peaks over shifting sandbanks. The difficulty here is the paddle out can be very tough with strong rip currents and lots of water moving around, as well as the sketchy steps carved in the rock face down to the beach.

Really you only have to look at a map to see how many waves there are along this coast. If you want to get some perfect uncrowded wave this is a good place to look. There are plenty of waves here that you can surf and never even know the name of the break even if it has one, so go search.

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