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9 Best bars for live music in Queensland

Queensland has a vibrant, and growing music scene and that with the combinations of hot nights and great venues means, if you’re planning on visiting the Sunshine State, checking out a gig is a great way to spend a night.

Whether you want to check out some great local acts or a band you’re more familiar with, our list of 9 live music bar’s will have you covered.


The Avenue

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

The Avenue host’s not only music but a variety of live events like comedy shows or trivia. The venue is both indoor and outdoor meaning you can get to enjoy the warm Gold Coast evenings as you dance and the atmosphere is almost always awesome.

The Avenue has 15 beers for on tap, and is one of the only venues you can order Carlton Draft from a copper tank.  They also have an impressive menu with Modern Australian fare for a decent feed.

Their Facebook page is the best place to go to find any upcoming events.


Joe’s Waterhole (Est. 1891)

Eumundi, Sunshine Coast

A small-town venue that has become renowned in the music industry for being a great venue to play.  The punch that this sleepy, small town venue packs is truly amazing – it has even become a popular live music destination for people that live in Brisbane.

The fun atmosphere of this hidden little gem is steeped in music history and attracts some of the country’s biggest stars as well as touring international bands.

Joe’s Waterhole is has a lot of history in the Eumundi community and has always been a hub of activity. Whether they are showing a local or international line up you’re sure to have a genuinely great time at any gig here.

Check out upcoming acts here.


The Triffid

Newstead, Brisbane

You just know that a bar named after fictional venomous plants (John Wyndam’s Day of the Triffids) is going to be something a little unique and difference and The Triffid delivers.

The bar is built out of a re-purposed commercial hangar which is great for the acoustics of the live music performed here as well as giving it some interesting architectural quirks.  The space is visually spectacular, the atmosphere is fun and the night is one to remember.

The Triffid’s host an eclectic mix of genres and offers you the chance to dance the night away to DJ’s, solo artists and bands, all booked by its owner John Collins, former bass player for Powderfinger.  The venue is a favourite for touring international and national artists.

The Triffid has a vast array of craft beers on tap and has a large menu of tasty food that you can order.

These clips from Years and Years and  the Fun Addicts demonstrate that it is one of the most visually stunning venues in Brisbane due to its unique set up.

Check out upcoming gigs here.


Sonny’s House of Blues

Brisbane CBD

The Blues is a genre that is constantly re-inventing itself, but one thing is for sure the music at Sonny’s House of Blues encapsulates the two core principles of Blues – great lyricism and awe-inspiring.

Sonny’s is a classic dive bar that host a wide range of music that has Blues music with a range of influences.  It’s a great space to lose yourself in some soulful introspection or let your hair down and cut loose.

To make that the night extra blue they offer tasty theme cocktails like the blue lagoon, but offer a fiery red Mexican menu just to make sure you don’t get too blue.

Check out some upcoming gigs on this page.


Brisbane Jazz Club

Kangaroo Point

The Brisbane Jazz Club is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to keeping Australian Jazz alive and kicking.

This is one of the only pure Jazz only venues you can find in Queensland, so if you love Jazz you’ll love this place.

The club holds performances four nights a week from Thursday to Sunday, and is located on an idyllic river-front location.  There is nothing more relaxing than the River View and the gentle soothing tones of jazz.

All events can be checked out on their website.


Sol Bar

Sunshine Coast

The Sol Bar is a local favourite and is a good hang out for those that want to experience the local culture as well as catch a great tune. Their line-up is well renowned with people passionate about modern music, with a strong focus on local acts.

As it is a local bar the atmosphere is really friendly, and along with great music it also a great place for just hanging out. There is two stages at the venue, and often they will book multiple acts on the night so there is always heaps to check out.

You can find the list of upcoming gigs on their website.


The Nook and Cranny

Sunshine Coast

The Nook and Cranny is a stylish and friendly restaurant that host live music and comedy gigs.   They have a fantastic menu, with great discounts.

This is a great place to visit if you are just looking for some low key local cover bands to listen to whilst enjoying your meal.  It is also a child friendly area unlike most of the other big music venues on this list – making it the ideal place to visit if you have children and want a night of live music.

Checkout what they have lined up on their Facebook Page.


Miami Marketta

Gold Coast

Miami Marketta is another great venue that mix fantastic food with great tunes.

The gig schedule (which can be found here) is not the only thing you’ll want to look up before heading the this great outdoor space. They host a variety of different street foods every night from whichever vendors are scheduled to turn up on the day.  This along with the great live music makes for a unique and really fun place to enjoy and evening.


Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall

Petrie Terrace

Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall is a lavish music venue with a plush setting. The stylish and high quality surroundings are paired with incredible food that has won them Gourmet Australian awards in previous years.

Lefty’s whiskey and apple juice concoctions are also famous throughout Brisbane and are a must try for any tourist.

In terms of music, expect a country or folksy flavour with any gig you go see at Lefty’s, but even if that is not usually something you’d listen to I’d recommend checking it out at least one. It really is an experience to behold.

Best place for information on gigs is their Facebook page.

Alexander Dance

About Alexander Dance

Alexander Dance is a online writer who loves to travel and works in the travel industry on the Sunshine Coast in Australia at Sand Dunes Resort. You can read more of his writing on his personal website.
Alexander Dance
Alexander Dance
Alexander Dance is a online writer who loves to travel and works in the travel industry on the Sunshine Coast in Australia at Sand Dunes Resort. You can read more of his writing on his personal website.