Andy Irons was a 3x World Surf Champion phenom, revered as “The People’s Champ.”

Outside of dominating his sport, Andy dealt with major inner demons, bipolar disorder and opioid addiction, ultimately succumbing to those demons when he died at the age of 32, his wife 8 months pregnant with their first child.

Kelly Slater, 11x World Surf Champion remembers Andy along with other surfing icons sharing unabashedly honest stories from those knew him best.

This is not a surf film. This is a human story about a world champion athlete, at the prime of his life, who was overcome by his constant battle with bipolar disorder and opioid addiction. His untold story honours the triumphant life of Andy Irons along with the heartbreaking impact of his bipolar disorder and opioid addiction on those he loved.

This is the film Andy wanted to be made. Join us in honouring his legacy by supporting the film and TGR’s Kickstarter page.  

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