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Balancing adventure & safety whilst overseas

There’s no arguing with the rush of adrenaline that occurs when you take part in something that may or may not be completely safe.

However, just like with all things, there is a fine line between being adventurous, and being straight up dangerous.

Especially when travelling, it’s vital to have your wits about you, but have fun at the same time. So here are six tips for finding the balance between safety and adventure overseas.

Do your research

researchingEven people who aren’t adventure junkies and don’t have any risky activities planned should take a note of this. Google is your friend – use it! Whenever you go overseas, there are a lot of questions you should ask to gain an idea of the general nature of wherever you’re visiting. Whether there is political unrest, whether there are tourist-specific laws you should abide by, general customs and routines, or simply where the good food is- these are important to know. They’ll help you to have a better time, while still being respectful of wherever you’re visiting, as well as having an awareness of the potential dangers that could arise. If you look at a government travel site, it should give you apretty good guide to how safe it is.

Check travel warnings

warning-signSometimes, there could be a disease or outbreak in the place you’re about to visit without you hearing about it. Not everything is hugely publicized so before you book everything or even just before you leave, have a look at some international travel warnings and check that everything is ok.

Invest in some good apps

safety-adventure-image-2There is so much technology available at the moment that can help you stay safe. There are map apps (mapps?) like City Maps 2 Go which is packed full of information that will give you helpful hints and travel tips for wherever you are. Not only does it provide context for everywhere you go, but it also has an offline maps feature, which ensures you can basically never get lost, as well as not burning through all of your data. This kind of feature means that you’ll stay safe and in the right neighbourhoods the whole time. Genius.

Blend in

The more you stand out, the more easy it is for people to distinguish you as a tourist and recognise that you firstly may not speak the language, but secondly that you probably have a lot of cash on you. This is probably the last thing you want as a foreigner. Instead, try to dress as if you’re from the place you’re visiting, and don’t yell or speak too loudly in English if you’re somewhere that doesn’t speak it.

Know where your valuables are

essentialsIt’s probably a good plan to carry your valuables around with you as little as possible. If there is a safe in your hotel or hostel room, keep your passport and spare cash in that. If there isn’t, usually there should be one at the reception of where you’re staying, so ask the front desk. It’s also pretty handy to keep spare cash hidden around your suitcase, like in a rogue pair of socks or any hidden pockets you might have.

Have a fantastic time!

Mature Couple on Roadtrip

Travelling in preparation is far less stressful than worrying about little details, so it’s in your best interests to get ready for your trip in the easiest possible way. With just a few small changes to your mindset, you should be able to find that balance between safety and adventure easily. Enjoy!

Kate Webster
Kate Webster
Kate Webster is a travel journalist - travel writer and photographer who travels the globe in search of vivid imagery and compelling stories that capture the essence of the places she visits. Born out of a life-long love of travel and fascination with the world around her, is Kate's inspiration behind her writing and photography. A passion of the ocean has lead Kate to be a part of Global Surf Sounds, as she continues to mix her love of travel and writing to now include surfing. When she’s not bouncing around the world on ramshackle buses, overcrowded trains, or on the back of a rickshaw, you can find her based in Sydney or the Gold Coast, Australia eagerly planning her next adventure.

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