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Big Wave Tour Pe’ahi event back on hold

The World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour (BWT) event at Pe’ahi (Jaws), Hawaii has been put back on standby just 24 hours after it was given the go ahead to start on Thursday morning. A change in the forecast has put the swell at being much smaller than initially thought.

WSL Big Wave Commissioner said “these swells require a very specific intensity, direction and wind component to be successful. 24 hours ago, the elements were aligning for Thursday and our Green Alerts go out 72 hours in advance to get all the various event mechanisms into gear. The swell looked good and so we called it on. Today, it’s a different story unfortunately and we’re calling the event off for now.”

The BWT has standards to uphold and to run the event in less than the required 30 foot would water it down, so there is a wait for Mother Nature to deliver the goods.

There are still five weeks remaining in the Northern Hemisphere Big Wave Season and two contests to still run. The only contest that has run so far in the Northern Hemisphere this season was the Punta Galea Challenge in the Basque Country (won by Nic Lamb).

The Southern Hemisphere season ran from 15 April to 31 August 2014, with event options in Chile, Peru and South Africa. The Billabong Pico Alto (Chile) was the only event to run, with Makua Rothman (HAW) winning his first WSL BWT victory. Makua Rothman currently sits on the top of the ratings as we look to the next few events to crown the BWT Champion.

The 24-man field for the Pe’ahi Challenge will be comprised of the WSL BWT Top 12, led by reigning world champion Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, as well as six WSL BWT wildcards and six local wildcards.

Top 12 WSL BWT Surfers:
1 – Grant Baker (ZAF)
2 – Ken Collins (USA)
3 – Nic Lamb (USA)
4 – Shawn Dollar (USA)
5 – Kohl Christensen (HAW)
6 – Alex Gray (USA)*
7 – Greg Long (USA)
8 – Ryan Augenstein (USA)
9 – Anthony Tashnick (USA)
10 – Ramon Navarro (CHL)
11 – Jamie Mitchell (AUS)
12 – Tyler Fox (USA)


*Adur Letamendia (EUK) will be filling in for Alex Gray who has withdrawn due to injury.

WSL BWT Wildcards:
1 – Kelly Slater (USA)
2 – Mark Healey (HAW)
3 – Shane Dorian (HAW)
4 – Dave Wassel (HAW)
5 – Makua Rothman (HAW)
5 – Gabriel Villaran (PER)


Pe’ahi Local Wildcards:
1 – Ian Walsh (HAW)
2 – Billy Kemper (HAW)
3 – Albee Layer (HAW)
4 – Shawn Walsh (HAW)
5 – Kai Lenny (HAW)
6 – Tyler Larronde (HAW)

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