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Bliss N Eso are back with new single ‘Dopamine’

After a 3 year break from the music scene, Bliss N Eso are back with a brand new single ‘Dopamine- (feat. Thief)’.

It’s the first taste of what’s to come from the Aussie hip-hop group, with their highly anticipated sixth studio album to be released in 2017. And fans are loving it!

Bliss N Eso, with Sydney artist Thief, who features on their new single ‘Dopamine’ .                                  Image via Bliss N Eso

 ‘Dopamine’ features brilliant vocals from up-and-coming Sydney artist Thief, as well as some of the most raw and candid verses ever laid on a track by the group’s 2 MCs, who address some of the personal demons they’ve struggled with over the years.

MC Bliss says the track was created to reflect the feeling of someone pulling you from the darkness and leading you back into the light.

“Dopamine is a powerful song… [It’s about] saying no to the demons and standing strong in the belief that life is a positive and beautiful thing”, he said.

Have a listen to ‘Dopamine’ here:

Kendall Davies Intern Journalist
Kendall Davies Intern Journalist
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