UPDATED: Ricardo dos Santos, 24, was shot three times in the stomach and back yesterday morning and died despite a number of emergency surgeries. More than 100 bags of blood could not save his life. He died from a cardiac arrest after four consecutive surgeries, Surfer Today reported.

Ricardo Dos Santos has suffered multiple gun shot wounds after confronting a group of drug taking beach goers, apparently openly taking them near a group of playing children.

He suffered three shots to the abdomen hitting several vital organs and causing severe blood loss. Details are still hazy at this point but sources indicate that he is in hospital in a stable condition having undergone two bouts of surgery. According to Ricardo’s manager Andrei Malhardo “(Ricardo) suffered haemorrhage in the liver, spleen, intestine and the vein that carries the blood back to the heart. A second surgery stopped the bleeding in the vein.”

Outside magazine have reported that two suspects have been arrested one of which is said to be an off duty police officer.

Adriano De Souza has released a message through his social media channels saying that Dos Santos has lost a lot of blood and urges people to help by donating.

There have been many people wishing Ricardo a speedy recovery and we would like to join them. Let’s just hope that we get to see him surfing again because he rips.

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