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Where to find the best surf breaks in Sri Lanka

Exotic and simply captivating, Sri Lanka has been attracting a lot of visitors these days. The country is known for having amazing tea terraces, majestic safaris, luxury villas, rich history and culture.

Apart from that, Sri Lanka is also popular amongst surfers as being home to a great number of surf breaks. From novice to seasoned surfers, there is a break for everyone. If you are not sure where to go, check out below for the best surf spots in this island nation.

The best time to surf in Sri Lanka

Being in the tropics, Sri Lanka enjoys consistent winds during the monsoon season. However, there is no offseason for surfers. You only need to know where and when to look for the good waves. From November to March, the best spot is in the south-west. From May to September, head to the east coast instead.

Hikkaduwa – West coast

Located on the Southern tip of Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa is the surfing hotspot of the west coast with three main breaks: a beach break for the beginners and two reef breaks for more advanced surfers. Here, the waves can get up to 3m high. The bustling town is also famous for its beach, nightlife and a fun, relaxing vibe. With plenty of bars, cafes and hotels, Hikkaduwa is also a fun hangout spot for party-animals.

Weligama – West coast

Weligama beach with two kilometres of long sandy break is the ideal spot for surfers of beginner level. Advanced surfers won’t have to feel bored as you will be able to find bigger waves when you paddle further. About five kilometres away is Mirissa beach with more powerful waves for those who are looking for more challenges. The best time to surf is from 6-9am or after 5pm until the sun sets. There are plenty of surf schools on the beach where you can rent surfboards and register for a surfing lesson.

Arugam Bay – East coast

Arugam Bay is one of the most famous surf spots in Sri Lanka, attracting a significant crowd during the season. It is known for sweeping right-hand point break. At low tide, it can be pretty dangerous as the waves break over a reef. Arugam Bay is more suitable for surfers of intermediate to advanced level.

Okanda – East coast

Regular surfers will fall in love with Okanda’s right-hand point break. About two hours from Arugam Bay, Okanda is often empty because of its remoteness. However, the long winding drive only makes the surf even better as Okanda’s waves are just as good as Arugam’s.

The article is written by Khanh Tran from Villa-Finder.com

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