After such a sic day yesterday I was pretty amped for this morning’s surf. The north wind had been blowing all night and didn’t let up this morning, only getting stronger as the day progressed.

I decided to not bother with Lennox Point as the wind was blowing straight in there. I discovered a place yesterday called Sharpes Beach where in the afternoon, it seemed a lot more protected from northerlies. This morning it was pretty good. The wind was giving a slight wobble but there were some clean faces that were more than surfable. I even managed to sneak in a quick barrel, which always brightens up any day.

There were a few friendly locals out who all ripped it up. One guy in particular was shredding and landed one crazy air in front of me, inspiring me to try a few of my own, but not to the same result.

I surfed for so long yesterday that I’ve developed some tasty rubs, the worst of which is on my balls. So now I’m wearing speedos under my boardies. I didn’t surf again today, instead I rested my rubs and made a big lunch before taking a drive down the coast.

Here I found a pair of classic right hand point breaks, Angourie and Spookies. They are two amazing waves within half a mile that have to be checked out. Tomorrow’s forecast is looking nice for the morning so hopefully I might be in for some decent waves tomorrow. The forecast for the rest of the week is not looking so promising so the only sensible thing to do is surf as much as possible tomorrow and take what I can get while the going is good.

Day 3 - Lennox Head
Day 3 – Lennox Head
Day 3 - Lunch
Day 3 – Lunch
Day 3 - Sharpes Beach
Day 3 – Sharpes Beach

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