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Hurley Australian Open of Surfing win for Andino and Enever

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The final day of the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing was an action packed extravaganza, played out in the best surf of the week, to a packed Manly beach.

The men’s event was taken out in style by Kolohe Andino who has been inform all week. As the number two seed for the event Kolohe was always one to watch. He didn’t disappoint with a spectacular display of high energy, high performance surfing, defeating Mateai Hiquily (PYF) in a final that was fairly one sided.

Mateai Hiquily, who is relatively unknown, has shown the surfing world that he has arrived after beating Mick Fanning twice during this event. Mateai surfed brilliantly the whole week but the form and momentum he had in every other heat deserted him for the final. He struggled to find waves to let him perform and one priority mistake let Kolohe take advantage to press home his win.

Kolohe started the final with a near perfect 9.73 with a massive backhand attack on his first wave. Kolohe took a different approach in his tactics in the final and didn’t take to the air until he had the win secured instead relying on his power surfing to seal the win.

Kolohe won $25,000 and takes way 6,500 QS ratings points and the international WSL ratings lead.

“I wanted to win the event and I did it. I’m stoked. It’s a long event, a big week and you have to take it heat by heat, I’ve had some momentum and hope I can keep it going, stay on the roll, build confidence and keep it going into Snapper,” Kolohe Andino said.

© owenphoto.com.au
© owenphoto.com.au

The women’s final was a much closer affair with Laura Enever defeating Tyler Wright, in her first win in over four years. Making it even more special for Laura was doing it in front of a hometown crowd. Her wave choice was impeccable and she surfed a relatively mistake free 35 minute final.

Tyler Wright had her chances, keeping herself in the game right to the final ride. With just a couple of minutes to spare, she found a nice overhead left and pulled off a long, backhand floater then looked to pull a second move but was beaten by the lip. She needed a 7.00 and scored a 5.9. The consensus was if she had made that second turn, she would have taken the title.

“It’s been such an amazing contest for me with everyone in it, all the top girls competing this week and to win at home with all my friends and family is amazing. I think more than ever I’ve been enjoying my surfing so much, I’ve been putting everything into it so it feels amazing to get such a good result,” Laura Enever said.

© owenphoto.com.au
© owenphoto.com.au

For more images from the event, visit the Global Surf Sounds Facebook Page.

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