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Introducing Native Spirit’s follow up single ‘Look Around’

Melbourne electro-pop group ‘Native Spirit’ continue to assert themselves with their new video and single ‘Look Around’, a must have after their hit debut single ‘In My Head’.

The electronic-fusion sound of Native Spirit was born out of three brothers (Jonathon, Asher and Daniel Takle), who decided to group up and share their life long passion for music. With the 2015 release of ‘In My Head’ resulting in 25, 000 Sound Cloud plays, the brothers have definitely exceeded all expectations.

The groups single ‘Look around’ has fans pleased with Asher stating “We were driven to produce something that provided some contrast to ‘In My Head’ – a track that was consistent but not one that would pigeonhole us”.

Between their bond and mutual love for music, the brothers create the perfect blend of beats, with Asher and his identical twin brother Dan responsible for the dance framework, and Jonathon, combined with his drum knowledge, introducing a natural edge to the electronic backbone.

The end result of the musically talented brothers is a strong and vibrant audio, with ‘Look Around’ taken from the forthcoming EP, due for release later in the year.

To listen visit – https://soundcloud.com/native-spirit


Millicent Marryat Intern Journalist
Millicent Marryat Intern Journalist
Millicent Marryat is 21 years old and a fourth year Communications student at Griffith University, Gold Coast. She moved to the Coast from Adelaide six years ago and since then has gained a desire to travel. Aside from travels around Japan and Australia, she has cruised the Whitsundays, North of Queensland, and the Pacific Islands. Her most cherished travel destination thus far was two weeks travelling around Japan. Milli looks forward to the chance to explore the Greek Islands, relax in Fiji, ski in Canada, attend Coachella in California and experience Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

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