Due to an injury sustained just after the Rio Pro, john John is not going to be able to compete in the upcoming Fiji Pro.

During a filming session with Filipe south of Rio, Brazil John John did a massive air that didn’t go quite to plan, tweaking his ankle and causing a high ankle sprain and this means 4 – 6 weeks out of the water.

John John bustin air -photo Kirstin WSL
John John bustin air -photo Kirstin WSL

John John is not going to be competing at the Fiji Pro starting June 7th but he is hopeful to make the event after at J Bay, South Africa. Missing the Fiji event could have massive ramifications for John John’s world title hopes this year. As one of the best left hand tube riders in the world john John is always expected to do well at Fiji and would almost certainly have factored into his scoring events. Currently sat at number seven on the rankings John John already has two 13th’s which are regarded as throwaway results.

With John John being a no show at the Fiji event this can only be good news for the other surfers who might have come up against him in the heat draw, being possibly the most dangerous surfer on tour when it comes to massive left hand barrels John John must surely be gutted to miss this event.

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