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Kelly Slater kicks off new aid campaign

Whilst he may have 11 world titles to his name, it seems surfing isn’t the only activity in Kelly Slater’s life where he is racking up numbers.

Recently kick-starting an Omaze campaign where two lucky people have the chance to win a 7-day Fijian getaway with Slater himself, the surf icon insists it’s all in the name of charity.

Kelly Slater

“Every entry will fund the construction of a hospital to provide the help they [Fiji] need to recover from Cycle Winston,” the 44 year old excitedly explained.

“No matter who you are, you’re going to love this trip to Fiji,” Slater said during the campaign launch. “Love surfing – they’ve got the best surf in the world. Like snorkeling – it’s amazing here. Like music – everyone on this island is a great singer and can play music here. Not to mention you’ll be catching some incredible waves with Shane [Dorian] and I”.

Beyond this, one of the lucky recipients from the campaign is local charity Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia. BOS Australia, specifically chosen by Slater and Dorian to benefit from this campaign along with Fijian relief efforts and Hawaiian charity MORE Than Sport, works to save the critically endangered orangutan in Borneo by rescuing and rehabilitating them. The charity also seeks to protect, restore and raise awareness for the conservation and protection of their habitat, which remain under threat predominantly from logging and ever sprouting palm-oil plantations.

Bumi the baby orangutan with babysitter

BOS Australia’s president, Tony Gilding, was surprised when he got the call that the world’s best surfer was choosing his charity to benefit from the campaign.

“I didn’t believe this was real”, Gilding insists. “We get a lot of offers for help, but sadly – many are pipe dreams and don’t translate into anything tangible”. “I thought this was some sort of joke.”

It turns out that Slater’s manager wasn’t joking. Not only is Kelly Slater an impeccable surfer, he is also an avid nature lover and wants to use his name to help out worthy causes across the globe. In a recent interview with surf magazine Tracks, Slater reveals how he is deeply saddened by the ways of our time and the plights of our environment.

Forest school at Samboja Lestari

“I am pretty depressed about the state of the world to be honest and our future in terms of pollution and humanity in a lot of ways,” the surfing legend said in September this year.

“All the rivers in my hometown right now have completely been destroyed by the sugar cane and fertilizer industries. All the fish in the river outside my house just died, every single fish. The whole river is completely filled with floating fish right now, for miles and miles and miles. It’s the saddest thing you will ever see. I have just seen pictures and it makes me wanna cry.”

“I try and raise awareness with social media. I wish there was more time for myself to be able to just focus only on that,” the Floridian shared.


Whilst it isn’t possible for Slater to solve all of the worlds’ problems, he is committed to donating his time and money to his latest charity campaign which will see two lucky people get to spend 7-days with the man himself. Pick Kelly’s brain, try Kelly’s board or just relax and watch in awe as the maestro does his magic – all the while – staying on the beautiful heart-shaped island of Tavaru in luxury accommodation with all meals and travel included.

The competition closes on October 27. To enter for as little as $10, go to www.omaze.com/Fiji 

Yes, the world could use more celebrities like Slater.

Check out more about BOS Australia here:

Jayita A Belcourt
Jayita A Belcourt
Jayita A Belcourt is a sports lover, nature enthusiast and yoga aspirant. An avid sportswoman in her youth, she competed at state and national levels in athletics and beach volleyball. With a special interest in cultural diversity and spirituality, Jayita has travelled extensively across the globe in the pursuit of Zen and inspiration from the worlds’ best athletes and natural wonders of the world. Jayita is passionate about inspiring people and her contributions have been featured in publications across the globe. She holds a Master’s degree from the Australian National University (ANU). Her interests include surfing, tennis, kayaking, beach volleyball, hiking and snowboarding / skiing. She is also a gifted energy healer and studied in India for yoga, pranayama and meditation.

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