After the weekend extravaganza of waves I woke up this morning super pumped to carry on where I left off, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

It was about a foot and onshore.

So today must be a lazy lay day. It was a humid night in the car and being covered in mozzie spray and sun screen from the last few days it was time for a sea bath. It pretty much means just that, like a normal bath but instead of being in a bath it’s in the sea. I must say I felt a whole lot cleaner for the experience, even if I did get some strange looks soaping up in the shoredump.

I had planned to stay at a place called Sandon but the campsite was full so I was forced to turn around and stay at my previous camping spot. I checked the place last night and it looks like a great set up but definitely would need some swell to get in there. This might be one to check another time.

I’m going to check out a place called Minnie Water because apparently it has some pumping waves and that is what I’m all about.

So for the rest of the afternoon I’m going to sit on the cliff and play my guitar. I have included a photo from yesterday just to keep you all a bit interested.

Bummed there are no waves
Bummed there are no waves

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