The 1190 islands that make up The Maldives divided into 26 atolls which split into two chains across the equator south west of Sri Lanka. Comprised of coral and sand, the islands sit on top of an underwater mountain range situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The surf in this tropical paradise can get truly epic! The best time of year for surf is the southern hemisphere winter, making use of the storms pushing up swell from the south and east. June, July and August are the biggest and most consistent months for the northern atolls.

The North Male Atoll is the most popular and with a wide variety of waves, there is so much to explore here. High quality waves, beautiful tropical water and tiny white islands make this a top surf destination. All the breaks are coral reef. Some are easy going, others are for advanced surfers only.

If you are staying on an island and not on a live aboard boat, be prepared to get up early and catch a skiff to maximize the breaks in the area. A good guide is essential.

Maldives Surfing

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