Clear blue skies and a baking hot sun, cruising down the highway in my ’97 station wagon, the perfect beat up surf mobile with pet sounds at full volume. I’m on my way for a surf. Work finished early and the biggest city in Australia seems almost sleepy in the heat of the day.

I’m heading to my favourite city beach, Maroubra. For me, it is infinitely more preferable to the more famous Bondi as it ticks loads of boxes; free parking, a friendly vibe, better banks, clean water and a community feel.

There are families hanging out in the kiddie play area, some skaters ripping up the bowl and couples making good use of the communal bbq’s. With small sand dunes, beautiful headlands and not too much development, you hardly feel like you are in one of the biggest cities in the southern hemisphere.

I rock up to the carpark to find it fairly empty, probably because this is a weekday morning. If you arrive on a sunny Sunday afternoon its proper ramo. I debate about checking the waves before jumping in my suit and decide against it. I’m going in anyway, what is the point in wasting time. I pull on my sopping wet wetsuit which has been in a bucket in the back of the car since last night, rub a bit of wax over my board and run over to the beach.

On the drive over I have been picturing 3-4ft of glassy kegs. What greets me is 1ft of dribble, but ever the optimist and growing up in the UK, I take what I can get and look at the positives. There are a few, a beautiful day, no crowds, some waves (at least enough to do a few turns) and the afternoon off work. Happy times.

A few stretches later I run into the sea and flop under the first wave to greet me, instantly refreshing, making me feel at home in only the way a sea lover knows.

Chatting to the few others who managed to skive off work, or don’t have jobs, and we are all in agreement what a good surf and how much fun we are having.

Surfing the sucky beach break to the northern end, there was plenty enough on offer for a few whacks, floaters and even a few ironic pig dogs. We surfed for a few hours until the tide got too high and the backwash stopped it breaking properly, reluctantly walking up the beach to await a ‘proper’ swell. Yeah right! I will see you in a few hours Maroubra when the tide drops out.

Maroubra Beach Long Global Surf Sounds


Beach Breakdown


4 hrs free (I’ve parked here for way longer and never had any problems).


Excellent – Lifeguards, Toilets, showers, kiddies playground, skate park, communal bbq’s, good transport links and some nice cafe’s and bars


There are a variety of options at Maroubra. Starting at the northern rocks there’s a left that rolls along the cliff from a fair way out which on bigger days can offer a good wave. Although it can be a bit fat it offers good length of ride. On the beach at the northern end next to the storm drain and Rubik cube sculpture you get a sucky hollow beach break that can be a little closey at times and is popular with bodyboarders. As you venture further south there are a variety of banks that generally get more drawn out, less sucky and less closey. Next to the southern cliffs there is a right hander that is almost a point break that feels like it should be better than it is. Depending on the swell and wind direction you can usually find a half decent wave here.

Maroubra Beach Global Surf Sounds


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