Why you need it

Nuun are easy to throw in your carry-on bag and use to rehydrate during those longer flights. All you need is a cup of water, and pop your Nuun tablet in. They taste great and help you stay hydrated, it is a win win.


Nuun is an electrolyte enhanced drink tab that uses clean, ethical ingredients. Nuun’s range allows for maximum hydration so you can get the most out of your body. Simply add a tablet to your water bottle, and enjoy the varied benefits of Nuun’s range. Nuun is a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable way of fueling your body, offering real health benefits as opposed to a massive sugar hit.

There are 3 types of tablets:  Nuun Active designed for fluid replenishment, Nuun Boost is ideal for keeping you alert and Plus for Nuun pairs perfectly with Nuun Active to make the ultimate sports drink.

Why you will love it

Nuun is an environmentally friendly, low sugar way to get the electrolyte kick you need. Nuun’s electrolyte additives are gluten free and vegan, created using non-GMO sourced dextrose. They are the perfect travel companion to have, especially when in those hot hot hot destinations.

Why you will hate it

The tablets do take a little while to dissolve so be patient. Once dissolved properly they taste great though.


Nuun Electrolyte Enhance Drink Tabs

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