Carissa Moore opens up after winning the 2015 Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast, talking to Jayita about keeping her cool and pulling out some incredible moves.

Hawaiian surfer Carissa Moore has put on a dominating performance at the first stop of the WSL Tour to take down 6-times world champ and local girl, Stephanie Gilmore at this year’s Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast.

In flawless surfing, the 2011 and 2013 world champ held her nerves to come back from behind to clinch her second victory at Snapper Rocks with a combined total of 18.43 to 15.50 over Gilmore. Feeling elated, the 22-year-old took some time out to share her thoughts about winning the first event of the year, reflections from 2014 and the secret to her success.

Carissa Moore Wins

Q – How good was it to win the first event of the year?
A – Yes I’m so excited. It’s great to start of the year with a win. I haven’t started the year off with a win in a long time you know. I wanted to win this event since I last won it. It feels good to take a win here. It feels really good, I’m really happy.

Q – How hard was it to go up against Steph in the finals?
A – Yeah she’s won every final she’s been in out here. That’s incredible to say that you’re coming up against a 6-times world champion. I look up to her, she’s a legend. I’ve learned so much from watching her compete.  It definitely is a huge honour to beat her out there.

Q – What was going through your head when you were trailing?
A – I just tried to keep my head. I knew if I got the right one, I just had to surf my best and luckily a good one came through. Yeah it was nerve racking when we sat there for a while and no waves came. So I just said, yeah I gotta wait, I’ve waited long enough, I’ve gotta wait for a good one.

Q – Where did those [incredible] turns come from?
A – It comes from my heart. I really do think that surfing is emotion and it’s what you’re really feeling inside. When I stand up on a wave I’m just excited, I don’t plan anything out. It just comes, it’s spontaneous and it’s an expression.

Q – How do you deal with nerves?
A – I was nervous in every heat [at this event]. You know, at a certain point you just say hey I gotta do my best, surf my best and I did. And so be it. I just kinda looked at it that way.

Q – I notice you take a moment on the beach before you go surf. Tell us about that and what it does for you?
A – I think it’s just really important to take that moment for yourself, finding some quiet and just blocking everything out and find your space. I also say a little prayer and just thank the universe and thank God for everything we have. Yeah, I’m really blessed.

Q – How do you enjoy competing in the Gold Coast?
A – I love competing on the Gold Coast, it’s one of my favourite waves on the tour. When the waves show up, it’s one of the best waves in the world. And sun, clear water and sand and it’s a right point break and I’m a regular foot so I couldn’t ask for much more.

Q – What do you think has been the secret to your success?
A – Just passion. Passion – loving what I’m doing. I think that’s the main thing for anything, doing what you love and being passionate about it.

Q – Goal for 2015?
A – Last year I took myself out of the title race mentally so my big goal this year is to keep my head, be confident.

Jayita A Belcourt is a sports lover, nature enthusiast and yoga aspirant. An avid sportswoman in her youth, she competed at state and national levels in athletics and beach volleyball. With a special interest in cultural diversity and spirituality, Jayita has travelled extensively across the globe in the pursuit of Zen and inspiration from the worlds’ best athletes and natural wonders of the world. Jayita is passionate about inspiring people and her contributions have been featured in publications across the globe. She holds a Master’s degree from the Australian National University (ANU).
Her interests include surfing, tennis, kayaking, beach volleyball, hiking and snowboarding / skiing. She is also a gifted energy healer and studied in India for yoga, pranayama and meditation.