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Paklite StyleAIR Trolley Case

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Why you need it 

When you are carrying surfboards the last thing you want is to be battling with your luggage as well. The Paklite StyleAIR Trolley Case will fit all you need when travelling in a durable, safe case that is so easy to push it is like it walks itself.


Paklite StyleAIR Trolley Case is lightweight, durable and stylish. Designed using ultra lightweight and strong components for modern air travel where weight is key.

  • Expandable main compartment.
  • The StyleAIr collection uses ultra-lightweight and strong Bayer Makrolon® polycarbonate.
  • Beautiful design and modern features will let you explore the world in style.
  • Minimal weight, high impact resistance and scratch resistant diamond texture finish.
  • S.A. approved combination locks on all cases. Travel with extra peace of mind.
  • High quality wheels, trolley handle and fittings designed for modern air travel.

The Large Trolley Case is perfect for those overseas trips.

Max External: 77 x 52 x 32/37cm
Packing Vol:   72 x 51 x 31/36cm
Capacity: 115L
Weight: 3.85Kg

Why you will love it

It not only fits everything in, it is durable so when your bags are being bounced around on those surf transfers, you know your stuff is safe and secure. Compared to other cases, it hardly weighs a thing when empty, allowing for maximum use of weight filling it and avoiding those nasty luggage fees when you are just a few kilos over. The best part about this case is the quality of the wheels, allowing manoeuvrability of the case so easy you can do it one handed.

Paklite Case Full Paklite Case Locks

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