Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Point Break – Trailer


In case you have missed it or been sleeping under a rock and didn’t know they are doing a remake of the 1991 classic ‘Point Break’, well its due for release at Christmas and the trailer is now on you tube. Its got big wave surfing, motorbiking, snowboarding, jumping out of planes and bulk loads of cash looks like our kind of film.

The film does feature some of the best big wave surfers and shooting was at a massive day at Teahupoo and while they will be hard pushed to beat the original film it looks enjoyable and I will definitely be going to the cinema. Watch the trailer and judge for yourselves.

Let us know your thoughts people.

Kate Webster
Kate Webster
Kate Webster is a travel journalist - travel writer and photographer who travels the globe in search of vivid imagery and compelling stories that capture the essence of the places she visits. Born out of a life-long love of travel and fascination with the world around her, is Kate's inspiration behind her writing and photography. A passion of the ocean has lead Kate to be a part of Global Surf Sounds, as she continues to mix her love of travel and writing to now include surfing. When she’s not bouncing around the world on ramshackle buses, overcrowded trains, or on the back of a rickshaw, you can find her based in Sydney or the Gold Coast, Australia eagerly planning her next adventure.

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