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Ride The Wave: The Welcome Revival Of Surf Photography

Surfing is like no other experience on earth. Riding the wave provides the freedom of weightlessness, the magical feeling of flying and pure, unadulterated joy.

Time ceases to exist and you truly become part of the ocean. But once you return home, how do you bottle up that feeling? And if you’re not a surfer, how to do get to experience a piece of that?

For that we thank surf photography.

While surfing remains quite a niche activity, surf photographers bring the wonders of the surf, the surf beach and surf culture to a wider audience.

And it’s that audience that is propelling the recent revival of this captivating photographic style. People from all walks of life are now enjoying the power of the ocean in the comfort of their homes.

And if you think that it’s young surfer boys responsible for the revival, you’d be wrong. In the same way surf photography isn’t just for surfers, its appeal also extends to women, children and older people.

The real clincher is that surf photography isn’t even just about surfing. Let’s drop in and take a look at what’s what. Let’s ride the wave.

Surfing the wave


Honour the magnificence that is the wave with photographic prints that bring a family room, bedroom or office area to life. Opt for works of art photography that focus on the beauty of the wave itself or celebrate the talent of the surfer with him (or her!) riding that big, beautiful blue barrel.

Treasuring the surf beach


We’re all beach bunnies at heart and these sensational shots capture all we adore about sand, surf and sea. Stare into a spectacular sunset, wake up to a wondrous sunrise or imagine the sand between your toes. Add to your interior décor the blue of the sky and water, the beige of the sand and the orange of the sun – and enjoy these seaside colours day in, day out.

Celebrating surf culture 


Ever wondered why Billabong went global? It’s because their surfwear became less about surfing and more about Australian surf culture. The brand remains one of our favourite world exports. Photographic prints that pay tribute to surf culture hold similar widespread appeal. Whether you hang on your wall a piece of Hawaii, a retro reflection of Kombi vans or even the latest Aussie trend, paddle boarding, it’s all celebrating a culture we love.

It’s all about the wave, the beach and this fashion revival – a new wave (‘scuse the pun!) – of surf photography. With a surf print you can enjoy calm, exhilaration and freedom without even getting your feet wet.

Ready to ride the wave? Rad.

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Kate Webster
Kate Webster
Kate Webster is a travel journalist - travel writer and photographer who travels the globe in search of vivid imagery and compelling stories that capture the essence of the places she visits. Born out of a life-long love of travel and fascination with the world around her, is Kate's inspiration behind her writing and photography. A passion of the ocean has lead Kate to be a part of Global Surf Sounds, as she continues to mix her love of travel and writing to now include surfing. When she’s not bouncing around the world on ramshackle buses, overcrowded trains, or on the back of a rickshaw, you can find her based in Sydney or the Gold Coast, Australia eagerly planning her next adventure.

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