Why you need it

The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch tracks how far you paddle in a session, see how fast you are surfing and how many waves you catch.


GPS tracking, tide times, wave count, wave speed indicator, session timer, distance paddled function…..for the fashion conscious it comes in black and white and it also tells the time.

Why you will love it

The watch is rechargeable, with 10 hour surf time with GPS tracking on and a claim of 6 months of regular use between charges, the GPS also allows you to auto-set the time and tide to your local break and has 1360 tides locations provided.

After a surf you can transfer all the recorded information from the watch to an app on a smart phone or I pad to keep as a permanent record. The app then uploads all the data to a Google maps picture of your local break, tracking all your waves ridden for the day and provides stats on wave heights, wind direction and time of the tide you were surfing at.

Why you will hate it

The price! Coming in at around the $500 mark it is a very expensive toy, however, if you love surfing, it’s well worth the money. ┬áIt takes a bit of mucking around to work out all the functions but the watch is user friendly and there are heaps of forums on YouTube if you get stuck.

Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch

Dean Gorda is a 47 year old surf tragic living and working in central Queensland. Introduced to surfing at the late age of 16 he grew up surfing Queensland’s most northern surf beaches and islands. After three trips to Bali he became hooked on surf travel and has surfed in Sri Lanka , New Guinea, Tonga , France , Spain ,the UK, Italy and Sardinia and even a wavepool in the UAE. Dean currently spends his time studying surf weather sites planning his next sick day from work.