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Surfin’ Ecuador

Ecuador is a magical region, bathed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, where from north to south, in its beautiful beaches, the surfer lifestyle is breathed and lived.

Boards, together with the sun and the crest of a wave, alongside catchy music converge at a single point to take this adventure sport to a fantastic level and create one of the best experiences regarding extreme sports.

The surfing route is made up of about a dozen of exciting beaches along the Spondylus route. There are more than 560 miles of beaches on the Ecuadorian coast where one can find specific locations to practice, like in the Enchanted Islands, Galapagos (in San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands specifically).

Ecuadorian beaches are ideal for windsurfers because it has unique, unspoiled beaches and hidden paradises enjoying little influx of visitors and the best waves in the world.

This site will be the perfect addition if you are a diehard surfer or if you’re grabbing your first waves. Grab your board and walk through this page to see which are best waves, choose the right beach for you, and identify the technical conditions of each of them so you can enjoy one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

For example, you can identify if it’s a beach break, reef break or break point, in what direction is the wind, the usual size of the waves, where they come, swells and much more information.

And now: Enjoy! Ecuador is an important tourist destination for surfing and its waves are ideal for an unforgettable approach to the sea.



Backpackers, sun worshipers and surfers from around the world walk the dirt streets of this town of thatched roofs. This tropical hideaway on the Pacific coast is dotted with palm trees, street vendors of jewelry and low cost accommodations like guest Hanga Roa, which is located on the beach of La Punta, famous surf town. Try the delights of the cevicheros bike wheeling along the beach, and when you get the sunset, you can join the masses swaying in raucous bars and nightclubs.


With the proximity of the forest in the northern province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador’s continental coasts and triple A waves, the best in the north; have a place on the map where the magic is called Mompiche. This area is part of a small and tucked fishing village possessing a unique micro climate. In Mompiche the green forest merges with the blue sea, the simplicity of its people and the discretion of a place little known to civilization.


Just 10 minutes from San Cristobal airport is Lobería. It is a coral sand beach with sea lions. As the name implies, Lobería is a piece of coast has been named for the large number of sea lions resting on rocks and sand. On this beach besides surfing, relaxing and spending some quality time can risk the practice of snorkeling and kayaking.



Ayampe and Las Tunas are two small surfer communities who share one of the most beautiful and privileged beaches of the Costa region. Due to its calm waters, it’s an ideal place for all kinds of water sports, especially surfing. It boasts extensive miles of beach breaks, offering each surfer the opportunity to surf on a privileged area surrounded by nature. Ayampe is ideal for tourists looking to get away from the noise and want contact with rivers, the sea, mountains, a rainforest and wildlife.


For more information visit www.ecuador.travel

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