There is a certain Surfing lingo that many of you are aware of. Here are some of the terms we like.

There are many more sayings and expressions that surfers use and they vary depending on where you are from so let us know some more or how they differ at your local break.

Kook – someone who can’t surf very well, also can be derogatory.

Pumping – this means the swell and wind have come together to create excellent conditions for surfing.

Drop in – when a surfer catches a wave already being ridden by someone else (often the cause of a fight in the water).

Priority – this determines who should catch the next wave, priority belongs to the surfer closest to the breaking part of the wave.

Barrel – this is when the lip of the wave curls over and it is possible to surf inside the wave.

Tube – see above.

Keg – see above.

Shack – see above.

Wipeout – when you fall off your board, it can be both very funny and very painful.

Face plant – when you fall off face first.

Backhand – when you ride a wave with your back to it.

Forehand – when you ride facing the wave.

Bottom turn – a turn at the bottom of the wave to set you up for every move.

Whack – when the surfer hits the lip of the wave.

Floater – when a surfer rides on top of the lip of the wave.

Foam climb – when a surfer rides up the whitewater.

Air – when a surfer busts out the top of a wave into the air.

Cutback – when a surfer gets too far in front of the wave they cut back to get closer to the power source.

Power source – the part of the wave with the most power, i.e closest to the breaking part.

All time – some of the best (insert) you have ever seen.

Sic – very good, originally comes from when a waves compresses air inside the barrel and spits it out the end like it is being sick.

Clean – when you have an offshore wind or no wind it creates a smooth water surface known as clean.

Glassy – super clean so the water surface becomes like glass.

Messy – when the wind is cross or onshore it creates a messy water surface that is not good for surfing.

Sponger – bodyboarder.

Shark biscuit – bodyboarder.

Goat boat – kayaker.

Stand up paddle twat – stand up paddle boarder.

Fish – a surfboard for small waves.

Shortboard – a discipline of surfing with a short surf board, highly energetic and skill full

Longboarding – a discipline of surfing with a longboard graceful and stylish it is the oldest form of surfing.

Bodysurfing – surfing with out a board.

Shaper/glasser/sander  – people who makes surf boards.

Tow in – big wave surfing that involves being towed into a wave with a JetSki.

The wipeout
The wipeout
The drop in
The drop in
Pumping surf at snapper rocks
Pumping surf at snapper rocks

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