After checking out Spookies and Angourie last night I awoke at dawn in anticipation of the surf to come. I scurried down to the rocky outcrop between the two peaks so I could check both at once.

Angourie had a few guys out and some good waves coming through where as Spookies was a bit darker, way closer to the rocks and a lot hollower. I decided on Spookies.

Having not surfed it before and with no one in sight, I decided to paddle out from the beach rather than jump off the rocks into the unknown. The water was murky and my hands kept hitting stuff as I paddled. The paddle through the rip was easy enough but one thought did start to creep into my mind. It took the shape of something big and grey that swims really fast.

I got a couple of waves but I couldn’t shake off the thought of sharks. Sat in the lineup alone at 6:30am with a hollow wave breaking fast over really shallow rocks, my imaginary shark took over my mind completely. At one point I splashed the water and shouted “no you can’t eat me” before I paddled around in a circle and got the f**k out of there!

Now I hadn’t seen a shark or anything that remotely resembed one, but I have drawn a picture of what was going on in my mind.

I decided to try my luck with Angourie just around the corner as there were a few guys out. I had an ok surf but couldn’t relax into it, so I gave up after and hour and decided to get a second breakfast.

After an hour or two chilling and playing my guitar while watching some waves roll in at Spookies, a couple of guys paddled out. With the sun a bit higher in the sky and the tide pushed over the rocks a bit it didn’t look half as bad. I put my manpon back in and went for round two.

This was a much better surf with some long waves, still pretty shallow but more makeable. I surfed for a few hours with the GoPro until the wind and tide got too high.

I can’t decide which is better – Spookies or Angourie, so I’ve decided to spend tomorrow surfing both these awesome right hand point breaks and then I can make a measured and informed decision.

All in all a good fun day and the forecast for tomorrow looks sick.

Day 4 - Shark Spookies
Day 4 – Shark Spookies
Day 4 - Sunrise
Day 4 – Sunrise
Day 4 - Sun rising
Day 4 – Sun rising
Day 4 - some lucky bugger getting a bomb at Angourie this morning
Day 4 – some lucky bugger getting a bomb at Angourie this morning
Day 4 - view to Angourie from Spookies
Day 4 – view to Angourie from Spookies
Day 4 - Sun rising over Spookies headland
Day 4 – Sun rising over Spookies headland

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