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The Boxer Rebellions evolutionary album “Ocean by Ocean”

International indie band ‘The Boxer Rebellion’, recentely released their new album, Ocean by Ocean’, having gone noir in their new 1980s inspired video “Big Ideas”.

The group is popular for their mix of post-rock and cool vocals. Already satified with the musical evolution of the band, fans have found themselves disgruntled by the albums certain stylistic liberties.

Directed by Adam Avilla, the clip follows a heroine through Los Angeles, with animation filling in the scenery through neon-coloured imagery.

In an interview with Billboard the band stated that, “This video was an exciting step into the unknown for us and was brought to life by Adam Avillas imagination and creativity.”

Avilla explained the clip’s creation having said, “since I wanted to create this dark expansive world that the music created, I figured green screen would allow me to create every aspect of the world that the characters would live. I also experimented in digital makeup effects, which was a first for me, which also gave me a surreal dream-like quality to the characters.”

Despite having ventured into newer territories that may have upset fans, “Ocean by Ocean” is still considered to be a well structured and produced album with the Boxer Rebellion confident in continuing their musical evolution.

Millicent Marryat Intern Journalist
Millicent Marryat Intern Journalist
Millicent Marryat is 21 years old and a fourth year Communications student at Griffith University, Gold Coast. She moved to the Coast from Adelaide six years ago and since then has gained a desire to travel. Aside from travels around Japan and Australia, she has cruised the Whitsundays, North of Queensland, and the Pacific Islands. Her most cherished travel destination thus far was two weeks travelling around Japan. Milli looks forward to the chance to explore the Greek Islands, relax in Fiji, ski in Canada, attend Coachella in California and experience Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

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