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The top 10 travel apps to wear away those hours

Thanks to the beauty of technology, travelling has become a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

No wifi? We say no problem. Mobile games have thankfully come a long way, with ‘Skyscanner Australia’ enabling those of us sadly stuck on flight mode, to gain access to 10 brilliant apps.


#1. Pocket Casts – AUD 5.99.


At number 1 we have ‘Pocket Casts’, a great way to keep up with your latest podcast subscriptions, allowing you to download new episodes, organise them into playlists and control the playback speed.

#2. Spotify Premium – Free 30 day trial, AUD 9.90 onwards.


Add your favourite beats to your travel adventures with app number 2, ‘Spotify Premium. This app is highly popular due to it’s offline mode, allowing you to save up to 3, 333 songs on your device.


#3. VLC – Free on iOS and Android.

vlc media player

Number 3 on the list is ‘VLC’, aka, the ‘life saver’. This app will save you the hassle of converting the original files and play all of your movies and TV shows in almost every format.

#4. TED – Free on iOS and Android.


Number 4 is ‘TED’, a great app for the TED Talk listeners and extremely simple to use. You will be downloading and watching TED in no time, with new talks added frequently.


#5. Pocket – Free on iOS and Android.


Found something interesting to read online, but too busy to read it in that moment? Thankfully number 5 on the list, ‘Pocket’, literally acts as pocket to store online articles into an offline folder. So why not pack your pocket leading up to your flight to keep you well occupied.

#6. Wattpad – Free on iOS and Android.


Are you a book bug? Why not snuggle up and enjoy yourself with the magical app and number 6, ‘Wattpad’, offering countless amounts of your literary favourites. You’ll be reading the hours away before you know it.


#7. Duolingo – Free on iOS and Android.


If learning a new language or brushing up on a previously learned language sounds good to you, then download number 7, Duolingo’s and you’re guaranteed to have a productive flight. With Duolingo’s mini games, you’ll be brushing up on your grammar and vocabulary in no time.

#8. 2048 – Free iOS and Android.


With number 8, a sliding block puzzle, you will be both infuriated and addicted all in one. Combine your numbered tiles, until you reach 2048. Sounds simple right? Well that’s because it is. Involving almost no maths, this app will keep you busy throughout those long, tiring hours.


#9. Evernote – Free on iOS and Android.


Booking a trip is often stressful and information is left scattered all over the place. That’s where number 9 comes in handy, with the introduction of Evernote, email confirmations, flight itineraries, packing lists and recommendations can be stored in one, very safe place. What is even handier is that this app syncs between devices so that you are able to access the information you need at any time and in any place.

#10. Skyscanner Flights – Free on iOS and Android.


Admittedly, this doesn’t quite meet the requirements of the ‘no wifi’ bill, however, to cease mentioning Skyscanner’s free app would be a crime. At number 10, this amazing app allows you to compare and book cheap flights while on the run. The app promises the best travel deals available to you, with new filter options and price alerts. This fabulous app is available for download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Millicent Marryat Intern Journalist
Millicent Marryat Intern Journalist
Millicent Marryat is 21 years old and a fourth year Communications student at Griffith University, Gold Coast. She moved to the Coast from Adelaide six years ago and since then has gained a desire to travel. Aside from travels around Japan and Australia, she has cruised the Whitsundays, North of Queensland, and the Pacific Islands. Her most cherished travel destination thus far was two weeks travelling around Japan. Milli looks forward to the chance to explore the Greek Islands, relax in Fiji, ski in Canada, attend Coachella in California and experience Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

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