Togat Nusa RetreatTogat Nusa announces package price drop of 15% for 2016. Super Special also available 6 -15 June. 2017 bookings now open too.

Nestled amongst the palm trees on Pitojat Island, Togat Nusa Retreat is truly a magical place. A private, tropical island sanctuary perfect for those looking to escape, relax and unwind. Positioned in the surf rich Mentawai Islands chain, this unique retreat is surrounded by some epic scenery and waves. Togat Nusa Retreat is a low impact, private retreat and caters expertly for only 8 guests at a time. Quality and service come first, as your hosts focus on providing you with the most unique and relaxing surf trip experience in the Mentawai Islands.

Private Island Paradise with maximum 8 guests and surf out front

Looking out over a turquoise lagoon at the front of the island, you will see ‘Scarecrows’ – a long left hand wave that peels around the fringing coral reef. The other end of the Island drops off quickly into a deep channel and offers impressive views to the south of the palm fringed mainland and waves breaking on distant reef passes. Paths through to the centre of the island will have you walking amongst a lush, tropical rainforest abundant with flora and fauna such as native orchids, climbing vines, large monitor lizards and many bird species. This place is the total package in island holiday relaxation. Perfect for couples and friends to chill out together in between surfs.

Your Hosts:  Ainsley and John Ocean

Have lived in the islands since 2004, moving to the Mentawais via the big island of Hawaii, where they were married in 1999, on a tandem surfboard that John shaped and glassed! In Hawaii, they owned and operated Ocean’s Organic Avocados, an organic farm.

John was raised in Longbeach / Dominican republic and moved to Hawaii in the 80’s. He lived on the North shore of Hawaii for many years, before moving to Big Island in search of uncrowded surf. John is a MASTER woodworker, waterman, kind-hearted individual – when you live on an island 100 miles away from a tool store, you become a jack of all trades.

Ainsley was born in New Zealand, then moved to Canada, then to Hawaii. Coming from a travelling family, Ainsley has it in her genes…  Ainsley says “The water in Canada was too cold for surfing, so I moved to Hawaii in search of surf and that is where I met John”.

The appropriately named Oceans are both avid surfers, adventurers and animal lovers. In June of 2004, John and Ainsley Ocean sold their Hawaiin farm and belongings, and moved to Karamajet Island in the Mentawais to work on the construction of Kandui Resort. They spent the next 10 months living in a tent, learning Indonesian, teaching local workers construction skills and reclaiming driftwood for the construction of buildings.

They surfed and worked through the off-season, facing a myriad of challenges that included storms, heat, tsunamis, earthquakes, injuries and Indonesian politics to create the now world famous Kandui Resort (with the assistance of partners). Surf resort projects are certainly not about making millions. Instead, they’re about dreams. “We just wanted to go surfing,” says Ainsley Ocean, “you only have so much time… we were ready to sell everything, travel, and surf.” Simply put, these are hard-core surfers, and they’ve abandoned their western lives to pursue dreams of tropical reef barrels. As you can see from the photos, they’ve already succeeded on that level.

After several years managing Kandui Resort, John and Ainsley decided to head in a new direction and worked for Surfaid and made another organic farm in the Mentawais; bought a fishing boat and floated around in search of a new location and uncrowded waves.

In Ainsley’s words – “Now we have created our new place, Togat Nusa Retreat, where we are focusing on small groups, quality service and a place to relax. As the world is becoming increasingly crowded, it’s getting harder to find quiet places on the planet. We moved to the islands in search of surf, an unspoiled paradise and to get out of the rat race and live a good lifestyle… and we found it!! We have created a sanctuary… peaceful, soulful and with waves! Please come and share our little slice of heaven”

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