Monday, July 22, 2019
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Top 6 reasons you’ll be skiing in Japan

So you are thinking of a ski trip to Japan? Here are six reasons why it is a great option for a place to hit the slopes.

1. See you never jetlag


Jetlag, we all know it, and we all hate it. We especially hate it when we’re planning a trip concluding of full days on the slopes. Thankfully with a time difference of only two hours, between the east coast of Australia and the ski fields of Japan, jetlag is kept to an all time minimum, resulting in more fun and less sleep.

2. Shorter flight


No one enjoys a long flight, stiff legs, pins and needles and how about that one person kicking the back of your seat. Both Canada and the USA are around a 16 hour flight, with Europe taking a whole 24 hours, hello jetlag. This is where Japan comes into play. Thankfully the flight from Australia to Tokyo is only 10 hours, where you can easily catch a 3.5 hour train and bus trip to the popular sports hub of Hakuba.

3. Brilliant powder


With a moisture content of only eight percent, Japan’s powder is famous for being the driest in the world. This is exciting news for the skiers and snowboarders looking for the perfect blend of lightness, dryness and fluffiness.

4. Hot spring onsens


If relaxing in a hot bath after a long day on the fields sounds good to you, then say hello to Japans onsens, an ancient version of the western hot tub. The thermal fed volcanic spring waters of Japan are said to hold curative qualities.

6. Value for money


The customer service in Japan is impeccable. From dining in a restaurant, to seeking assistance at a ski hire store, as a guest, you will always feel well catered to. You may have heard that Japan is an expensive country to visit, a common misconception. While this may have been the case during the economic crisis until 1991, skiing in Japan nowadays is very inexpensive compared to Europe, the USA and Canada.

6. Fantastic food


And finally for the food. Japans food is absolutely packed with the most delicious flavours, from rice and noodle dishes to seafood and meat dishes, it’s a guaranteed taste bud frenzy.