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Travel To A Playlist To Match Your Journey

Apps like Spotify have already changed the way that we live life with music by providing us with soundtrack to suit whatever mood we are in or activity that we are engaging in.

Now Spotify has taken it one step further by introducing an interactive map that allows you to listen to a playlist of popular songs of the city that you’re in.

Music is a universal language, and every culture has its own style that is born out of its own culture. Spotify has created the interactive map upon the belief that each city has it’s own musical identity or ‘DNA’. By listening to the playlist of the particular city you find yourself it, it allows another avenue to be able to experience the culture of the area like a local.

The music map changes weekly based on what the locals are listening to the most that week. Each playlist is 100 tracks based on more than 20 million listens. This way you can make sure that you are keeping up with the latest trends in local music.

There are 1000 city-specific playlists designed to be unique to that city, frequently featuring local artists, city-wide anthems, songs referencing particular neighbourhoods and tracks with references to local areas. The map also gives you the options of choosing from distinctive, emerging, popular, or viral music to further focus your search.

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Autumn Laklem
Autumn Laklem
Autumn is fresh out of university with a passion for travel and music. Growing up in both Thailand and Australia she is always keen to try new things and experience new places and cultures. Her background in a country that is rich in culture and amazing food and scenery has fostered a desire to seek out local hotspots in any place she goes to in order to truly experience the local highlights of the area. Currently based on the Gold coast, she is enjoying time with family whilst seeking out new adventures and opportunities.

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