So I ventured into Yuraygir National Park in search of some uncrowded perfection on this weekend of waves and I certainly found it. I headed towards Brooms Head and took a left just as I came over the hill to see the ocean, as per the instructions given to me by a local at Spookies on Friday.

I don’t know his name so I will call him matey. Matey said find some where to camp near Red Cliff and walk north. He told me that if you can be bothered to walk, there are some really good waves with no body around.

Saturday morning I decided to follow his advice and took a walk to the next headland to see if there was a point on the northern side. When I got there I didn’t find the right hand point break I was looking for. Seems I had left it too late, and the wind was already starting to get on it, so I tucked myself into the corner of the headland. I surfed for a few hours and some dolphins put in an appearance, which is always a bonus with any surf.

I missioned back to the car and made some lunch.

Although the wind was up I decided to go for another surf just out front. I had a shocker, it was really rippy and my imaginary friend (mega shark) showed up again, scaring the crap out of me. This wasn’t the surf I came looking for.

I consulted the map and formulated a plan. I needed to get up earlier and walk further. So with the aid of Google Maps, I saw there was a nice looking reef right next to a remote camping spot called Shelly Camping Ground. I estimated it was about a two hour walk to get there along the beaches and over the headlands.

Sunday morning with the alarm going off at 5am and my backpack stuffed with water and food, I was ready. This morning was clear and bright but the surf wasn’t bigger than two foot. I almost persuaded myself to get back into bed but I decided to go for it anyway.

On the way I walked past the point I tried to surf on Saturday and it looked really nice, so I jumped in for a quick 40 minutes and snagged a couple of nuggets.

Back on the hike, I eventually reached Shelly Camping Ground and what I’d stumbled across was awesome! One of the nicest looking reef set ups in one of the most beautiful places and I had not seen another soul all morning, although it was only about eight o’clock. I surfed until my arms could paddle no longer. After snaking a few cheeky barrels I realised how much my life kicks ass.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the next village south called Sandon. Matey also suggested this place, nice one matey!


Here is a little video I pulled off my GoPro from the weekend sessions.

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