The best of Australian surfing, travel and music

Places like Hawaii and the Caribbean readily come to mind when people think about surfing. Well, the truth is there are more amazing places to have a swell time surfing.

Australia is one such place. As a matter of fact, several people think that the beaches in this unique country offer the best surfing experience.
This is coupled with the fact that music can be a thrilling accompaniment to your
surfing experience there.


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Why Should You Surf in Australia ?

Regardless of your surfing prowess, the following are reasons why surfing in Australia is a good decision:

Australia Has Many Beaches

Frankly, it is hard to count the number of beaches in this unique country. This is because the nation’s coastline region stretches close to 50000 kilometers. As at the last count, it was reported that there are well over 10000 beaches in this nation.

Considering the uniqueness of the location, Australia has a lot to offer with many beaches. Besides, the beaches come with different options. While some have very strong tides that are best suited for professionals and experienced surfers, others are with mild tides.

The point is that the numerous options allow you to choose the best beach for your surfing experience.

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The Music in Australia Is an Added Incentive among others 

As far as having fun is concerned, there are 3 things you may end up loving about Australia—the coastline view, music, and rugby.

Speaking of music, you should not forget that the famous Sydney Opera House is located in Australia. This is just a pointer to the fact that Australians value music, and you are going to get the best of it there. Furthermore, several live bands play good music close to the beaches.

Australia Is Great With the Hospitality and Leisure

Beyond the fanfare associated with getting on the waters and surfing real nice, Australia boasts of some of the best hotels and luxury resorts. So, you are going to have the time of your life even outside of surfing.

Your Safety Is Assured

Australia is generally a safe place to visit and even live. When compared to many other parts of the world, the crime rate in this nation is relatively low. So, you should seriously consider this city if safety is the top of your priority.

Some beaches you can surf in Australia are Victor Harbor in SA, Yamba and Kiama in NSW, and several others.

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